信仰 & 精神生活

无论是探索本笃会的价值观, 各种神学课程, 参与校园事工, connecting with the Monastic communities on campus, or volunteer work – our campuses offer a rich experience and foundation in the 天主教的知识传统.



The 新葡京博彩 and 新葡京博彩 were founded by the Saint Benedict’s Monastery and 圣约翰 Abbey in the 19 th century. The character of CSB and SJU is shaped by these Benedictine communities that continue to foster Catholic, 本笃会在学术上的价值观, 高校精神生活与社会生活. Benedictine women and men remain actively involved in teaching and administration, and their prayerful presence in community life provides a comforting and stable sense of home – something CSB and SJU are well known. By living according to the Rule of Saint Benedict, members of the monastic communities cultivate a love of God, 邻居与自己.

Higher Education in the 天主教和本笃会传统



The 新葡京博彩 and 新葡京博彩, 新葡京博彩的学生, 教师 and 工作人员 are guided by the 本笃会的价值观. The 本笃会的价值观 are distilled from the Rule of St. 本笃十六世纪由圣. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine monastic order. These 11 values function as a set of practices for a life modeled on Jesus.


信仰 & 属灵生活常见问题



通过吸引学生, 教师, 工作人员 and administrators in ongoing conversations about what it means to be Christian, 天主教和本笃会, Campus Ministry aims to empower our communities and bring meaning and authenticity to our mission. 为了完成这个角色, Campus Ministry offers many programs and opportunities for engagement and connection.